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Results and questions

Sometimes the clinical examination is not enough to solve a medical problem. Then additional investigations must be carried out, for example through a blood analysis or medical imaging. Depending on the results, the treatment may change.


It is important that you as a patient are well informed about this decision. That's why we prefer that you return for a discussion of the results consultation coming .


If agreed with your GP, you can also receive a brief report by telephone in exceptional cases. Due to the new legislation to protect your privacy (GDPR), we are no longer allowed to provide medical advice or explanation by email.


You can always request a copy of a blood analysis or a report of an examination from your doctor or upload it to

Regulations and certificates

Certificates (for sports, absence, physio, ...) are not delivered on request by telephone or e-mail.  You can make an appointment 

In consultation with your doctor, the frequency of follow-up appointments will be determined and sufficient prescriptions for medication will be delivered at the time of the appointment. So we also do not provide these by request via telephone or e-mail.


All doctors are conventioned and accredited,

this means that we work at the rates that are agreed each year between doctors, health insurance funds and the government.

If you are insured by a Belgian mutual insurance company, you only pay the co-payment.

The accreditation guarantees regular further training and reimbursement by the RIZIV.



You can pay in cash, via bancontact, with the bancontact app and with the Payconiq app.

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