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Law on the privacy statement (GDPR)


Dear patient,


Due to the new privacy statement in the context of the renewed legislation on the protection of personal data and health data (GDPR) that comes into force from 25/05/2018 and to securely exchange this data between healthcare providers and between GP and patient, the doctors of the practice will implement the following measures from now on:


  • Health data will no longer be communicated by email, because the security of this channel cannot be guaranteed. This means that we will no longer send reports, lab results and other sensitive information by email. Health data about patients are exchanged between healthcare providers via the e-healthbox, a secure channel, and of course only in the interest of the patient. If you object to this, you may report this to your attending physician

  • Prescriptions, absence certificates and medical fitness tests are only issued after a consultation

  • No medical advice is given by email

  • The email address of the practice may be used for practical or administrative questions

  • If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact our secretariat from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 3 p.m


Protection of personal data and health data


We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data and process your personal data with due care and attention to the security of this data. Personal data is all data that allows you to be identified as a person. We undertake to comply with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data and the rights you have as a patient (including the new European regulation and the law on patients' rights). The personal data and health data are processed by the group practice Patio and our network practice Horizon, located respectively at Bonaventurestraat 13 and 50, 1090 in Jette, and are only used for medical purposes in the interest of patient care.


Purpose of the processing


The personal data is processed by us with the aim of providing good healthcare, both in terms of prevention and diagnosis and treatment (GDPR article 9.1.f). We comply with the legal obligations imposed on us as a healthcare provider (GDPR article 6.1.c), and are subject to professional secrecy (or duty of confidentiality) (GDPR article 9.3).

A number of personal data can also be used for the financial settlement of your consultation, for accounting processing. No further immediately identifiable data is used.

Certain data is also requested for scientific research. Some of these collaborations on scientific research take place within the framework of legal obligations and are part of public health.

Your medical file must be kept for 30 years in accordance with the legal provisions. Other information that is not part of your medical file is kept for the periods laid down by law or no longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing.


Sharing data


The data we process from you will only be shared for medical and therapeutic  purposes and only with other doctors or healthcare providers with whom you have a treatment relationship. Furthermore, only the information that is necessary for your treatment by another healthcare provider is shared.

If you have given your informed consent, this data will be made digitally available to other healthcare providers in a secure manner. Only if you enter into a treatment relationship with these healthcare providers will they actually have access to your data. You may terminate this treatment relationship at any time and oppose the sharing of this medical information. Please contact your treating physician for this.

In the context of legal obligations such as reimbursements of assistance provided by insurance institutions, certain data is also shared with your own health insurance fund, or for uninsured patients at the expense of the OCMW, with your own OCMW.

Data may also be processed for cooperation in scientific research. All processing is done by bodies that have received the correct permissions and authorizations for the processing of this data. Data is aggregated and all measures are taken so that it cannot be traced back to individual persons.


Your rights as a patient


You have the right to inspect your own personal data. You can request, view, correct and possibly change these. In certain cases, you can also ask to temporarily limit the processing of the data. These questions can only be refused if they pose a serious threat to your health. A request to delete personal data or limit its processing is only possible if there are no legal obligations regarding the processing and retention periods of this data. Questions to inspect your file can be directed to your general practitioner. If you have any questions or complaints, you can always contact your doctor or healthcare provider. If you suspect an infringement of the processing of your personal data and your doctor or healthcare provider cannot provide a definite answer, you have the option of submitting a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

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